I’ve been framed!

Its true- I have been framed, but not nearly as often as I have framed the Wild Things. The way I want to frame the wild things is at an art store custom framing counter, but more often than not, our budget, and wall space wont allow me to really spend the money getting our portraits professionally framed. In fact, the tiny handful I have had professionally matted and framed look extra fabulous, but there are – gulp- less than five in my entire household. And I am the photographer mom, with a photographer mother-in-law. Let me assure you, lack of photos is NOT the issue here! It’s lack of money.

Just a tiny sample of our unframed portraits!

Just a tiny sample of our unframed portraits!

Its a fairly common issue across the board- here we have some amazing, gorgeous portraits that deserve to be honored and hung gallery style for us, our friends and our family to enjoy, but we just don’t have the budget for giving our portraits custom frame jobs we envision them in.


Thing3 and his banana covered hands. What am I going to do with this child?

The other day I ordered new portraits – call it an investment for costumers to view, a birthday present or just a mother’s whim- and today, as I waited for them to arrive, I went hunting for more frames around the house. I even found a few here. Unfortunately, I also found the boxes of photos still waiting to be framed and placed. Why, I thought to myself, did I not frame these with those frames I just found? As I perused the photos- and tried to keep them from Thing3’s banana covered hands- I would pick up a picture and think Oh, this is the one I thought should be matted, or This one needed something more than white matte board, something to really make the colors pop. Pretty soon, I realized that I was re-convincing myself that none of these photos could be framed today.

About halfway through repacking the box I realized how ridiculous that was. Photos are meant to be seen! I take portraits and I tell clients all the time how much they will love seeing their prints. I tell clients to use their portraits to make a statement, to tell the very personal story of their lives. I tell them about how loved their children will feel looking at them in twenty years, or how great it will be to share photos with the grandchildren. And here I was, closing all my own family photos back into a box! My my my, wasn’t that hypocritical of me.

So I chose five portraits from the box. And I ran to Walmart  Because even though it isn’t Aaron Brothers, or Micheal’s  or the cute little mom and pop frame shop, it had what I needed for right now, to help me make our new house our new home.

So for a 6 dollar special, it's not so bad. And the best part is, no one really cares about the frame but me- everyone else just sees the Wild Things.

So for a 6 dollar special, it’s not so bad. And the best part is, no one really cares about the frame but me- everyone else just sees the Wild Things.

I encourage- even challenge- all of you to take a moment, and pick just one photo of your own. Frame it, hang it, stand back and smile at the memory it evokes and the knowledge that for as long as its hanging there, you’ll remember that moment.

Sometimes, it’s OK if it’s not perfect. Because displayed is better than in a box, even if it’s not as great as custom framed. Yes, some of these portraits are great enough to be gallery framed and matted, but right now, at this time, our house is a home and in our home, sometimes things are just OK.

And that’s OK by me.

*All Wild Thing participation was either voluntary or coerced through a standard parental mix of bribery and blackmail, not to exclude the mention of possible deactivation of all electronic devices in the house.
** No Wild Things were harmed during the process of shooting and framing for this post.   


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