Free Homecoming or Pre Deployment Session!

Operation Love Reunited is a great organization that provides military families free professional photography sessions when a spouse is deployed, will be deploying or has just returned home. As a military spouse, I know how special these photos are to have when your loved one is away. A friend and great photographer (now located in Virginia at Langley AFB, Inspired Images by Tammy, was kind enough to sneak in my own family before my husband deployed last year.

While I know just how much I enjoyed my photos at home I could not imagine how much it meant to my husband while away. I was surprised when he told me how important his pre deployment album had been and how often he looked at it and shared it with coworkers.  Men- especially those in uniform- don’t often seem sentimental or to care about photos. In general, they seem to “endure” photo taking. Or maybe that’s just my man.

In any case, I was slightly taken aback when he asked if I had thought of offering these sessions to clients, but the question did get my wheels turning. Having these photos- a photo session that as a single income jrnco family we could not have afforded at the time- was so wonderful. Yes, the snap shots and my own pictures were nice, but having someone else take the photos allowed me to be part of the deployment and not an observer. I am in these photos. I was present not as a photographer, but as a wife and mother. Having Tammy there allowed me to live that moment and allowed my husband to keep that little piece of me- of us- with him, even while deployed. I didn’t know then that it would be very important. But now, post deployment, I know that it meant the world to him.

So after a good deal of thought, prayer and discussion, I have decided to begin the application process for Operation Love Reunited and in celebration would like to offer a free homecoming or pre deployment photo shoot.  I am not part of Operation Love Reunited yet, and would like to get in a few shoots to add to my portfolio before sending it to Op Love.

What that means to you: a free photo session, pre deployment, or homecoming with your spouse and family, a free 8×10 photo album with photos from our session, and a 30% discount on any order placed from that photo session.

I will only accept a limited number of Op-Love type photo sessions per month. If you know your spouse will be deploying in the near future, please reserve a time now. If your spouse is currently deployed and you know their return date, please reserve a time now.

Let me give you the gift of capturing your special homecoming. The photos are ones you will truly treasure forever; I know I treasure ours. My Heroe


3 thoughts on “Free Homecoming or Pre Deployment Session!

  1. poppytump

    That sounds a really worthwhile thing to do Amanda . Military families I know have a tough time with long spells spent apart and issues that civilians just cannot really comprehend even though they might try . Something like you are suggesting seems a wonderful bridge and opportunity for a picture to show family togetherness for keeps .


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