About Amanda

Self portrait4

How I am typically seen by others, and how I love to see the world; through the lens!

Originally from Northern California, I have always loved taking photos. I was eleven the first time I wanted to be a photographer, I was 19 when I thought I might be able to do it and I was 22 before I had the courage to make it happen. When I bought my first DSLR, it sat on the shelf for three days  before my hands stopped shaking long enough for me to take it outside and begin my journey. Along the way, I found out how to season my photos with a pop of color, a feeling, and just a touch of spice.

I love creating lasting family memories that dazzle- with color and emotion. Photos that straddle the border between a portrait and a piece of fine art. Portraits that hang in living rooms and evoke memories and feelings and awe in viewers. Because the they aren’t just photos- they are your family. And they should shine every bit as much on paper as they do in real life!

I am married to an amazingly tolerant man, often called the DH (dear husband) or the King of the Wild Things. We have 3 children. When running in a group or being referred to as a solid entity they are most affectionately called the Wild Things. Separately we have our eldest, Thing1, our middle child, Thing2 and our youngest- and possibly wildest- Thing3. We are a military family; in the past five years, I have been lucky enough to live in 5 different states! Which is really quite perfect, because we have a family of five. But I digress.

The Whole Wild Thing bunch, in the northern pines of Arizona after camping with friends.

The Whole Wild Thing bunch, in the northern pines of Arizona after camping with friends.

Being a military wife means while I am attending my mommy duties, sometimes I have daddy detail as well. So I am only a photographer part time. But every once in a while,  all the little pieces of me and roles I play fit perfectly inside and I am just me. I’d like to think that those are the moments when some of the best art is made.

All my favorites, on a rugged hillside in the wilds of the Nevada Desert.

That is a photo of me and all my favorite Wild Things, on a rugged hillside in the wilds of the Nevada Desert just doing what we love to do, together.

I love going someplace unexpected- in a tree, on a mountain trail or deep in the woods, teaching the Wild Things about nature and breathing deep of the fresh outdoors, listening to the sounds of the wild all around. When I can steal a moment of silence, you can usually find me cuddled somewhere soft, with a book, and a nice cup of coffee. When there is no silence to be found, I will be in the midst of all the chaos, taking as many photos as I can before the moment is gone, my coffee has gone cold, and my Wild Things have grown.


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