Product Pricing

I know a lot of photographers are calling it “investment” and while it is an investment in your memories, I prefer to speak plainly and call it Product Pricing.

Here are some basic prices for prints a la carte. I send all my portraits to a lab and have the prints done professionally, with equipment and technicians who know their stuff! The turn around is usually 5-7 days from the time I place your order to when they arrive. If you dont see a size you are looking for, just ask; if it exists, it can be done! I just haven’t the room to list every size and item available. We also do fine art Canvas prints.

A La Carte

8 minis $5.00
4 wallets $5.00
48 wallets (1 pose) $25.00
4×6 $6.00
5×7 $10.00
8×10 $15.00
10×13 or 10×10 $25.00
11×14 or 12×12 $30.00
16×20 or 16×16 $40.00
20×24 or 20×20 $50.00

In this digital world, I do offer CD’s with print releases. However because I carefully calibrate my monitor to the Lab I use, color quality will vary with home and assembly line printers and I strongly advise purchasing prints – the price of my CD’s reflect my feelings about this .CD’s come with a print release allowing reproduction of images. This means you are free to share them with family and friends, however you can not use them for commercial purposes. Image resolution quality gaurenteed  up to standard 8×10. Images are saved in a JPG. format.

~CD Prices~
with 5 images$50.00
with 15 images $150.00
with 30 images $250.00


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