Session Fees

I know a lot of photographers are calling it “Investment”, but that seems a bit confusing, so I’ll keep it simple for myself and stick with Session Fees.

I am new to the area and my current prices reflect that. In fact, if you book before March 15th, I’m adding a $20.00 print credit! Please note that if you book a session with me, I will require a model release so I can use these images in my Arkansas portfolio.

$25.00 = Mini Session 30 minutes

$50.00 = Newborn Portrait 1* hour newborn session, within 10 days of birth. Just for baby

$60.00 = Regular 1 hour session within 30 minutes of Little Rock AFB, 4 persons or less ($10.00 per extra person).

$100.00 = Maternity package  includes a 1 hr maternity session, 15 minutes in the hospital with the newborn and a *1 hr newborn session within the first week of birth.

$100.00 = Extended Session 2 hours would be what you need for a large family that also wants individual shots of each child.  A large family being 5 or more.

:::: Specials ::::
Smash the Cake – $30.00
Senior Portraits – $30.00
Trash the Dress -$30.00
Back to School- $30.00
Holiday Minis- $30.00
Multiple locations: Please add $10.00 for any session broken into two locations.
Drive time: Please add $20.00 for any location outside of a 30 minute drive from LRAFB.

* I have never had a newborn session last only an hour. Quite often, a newborn session averages 1.5 hours and with very fussy babies, it lasts 3 hours. If you book a newborn session, you will receive one, even if we run over the hour. My job is to get the shot- no matter the time it takes!

I realize that many are military families, with military budgets, ans while I strive to have my prices reflect that, keep in mind there are a few considerations I have to make regarding the pricing of each session.

Consideration 1: I have to purchase and maintain my equipment. Lenses, lighting, props, and backdrops do not come cheaply and do not last forever. I am constantly saving, replacing and repairing. Also, Camera bodies work best when regularly maintained, which means I pay certified technicians to clean and “tune up” my camera.

Consideration 2: I am a full time mom and part time photographer. I love to take photos and share in the special moments of all my clients and friends lives, but to do that I have to hire a babysitter or schedule around my husband’s work.

Consideration 3: My home is my place of business. I shoot in my home studio and on location. Both of these things cost me money! Its nice that I am able to keep the cost of my overhead low (for both you and me!) but it is still a cost to me. I still have to pay taxes and take care of business.

Consideration 4: The time I am with you during the shoot is not the only time I put into your final product  I have to prep for sessions, that can include setting up the home studio with props, lighting and backdrops, paying an assistant, or driving to locations. After our session, I have to take time to disassemble and or return from the location.  Then the fun begins! I spend time custom editing your photos- depending on the shoot, this can take me anywhere from an extra hour to an extra 5 hours.

Consideration 5:  Photography is an art, and I feel very strongly about sessions and the clients I work with. I am a portfolio building photographer. I am not a cheesy shoot and burn and I am not walmart or sears assembly line, so please, please do not lump me in with those types. I give custom portraiture on location and in my home studio and I love doing it!

Call 530.524.7140 or send a message to our Facebook account to set up an appointment!


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